Who I Am

My name is Ben Wheeler-Floyd. Hi.

Ever since high school, when I read too much Ray Bradury (which is the exact right amount of Ray Bradbury at that age) and got hooked on The Dark Tower, I have wanted to be a writer. So, for many years, that’s what I did. I ended up getting my Bachelor’s from a small liberal arts college on the Minnesota prairie, and, after a quick detour back into the world of video games retail, I landed in the MFA program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. While I was there, I worked at a tutor, a teacher, a retail employee (again). I’ve had my written worked broadcast on the radio, I’ve read at open mics, I’ve planned courses and mentored new teachers, and I’ve presented at professional academic conferences. For a year, I co-ran a book review blog (www.genrelasagna.wordpress.com). I’ve also read a lot of comic books and drank a lot of Diet Pepsi. In between all of that, I’ve built a collection of short stories (including “Snow Horses,” which was recently picked up for publication by Fiction Southeast), and finished both a novel and a feature-length screenplay.

My plan is to eventually land back in academia teaching. Thing is, I married a student affairs professional, and that job is more stable than a nomadic, sporadic teaching career. So, we moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where she is doing her thing, and I’m making a go of writing.

I’m currently seeking representation for my novel, The Investigators, and its two in-progress sequels.

Here you can find my resumé and samples of creative work that I’m not currently trying to sell. I may periodically link to stuff happening on my longtime blog, Stone Kite, (maybe another intensive Stephanie Meyer read-through? Maybe? Yeah, you’re right, probably not ever again).

Thank you for visiting.







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